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Hi Thanks for looking at my listing. I sell COPIED DVD's. Once again these are NOT original DVD's like you would buy in the stores. They are DVD-r copies of the movies that will play in all US DVD players (I offer no guarantees or refunds on any DVD's sent outside the US you buy them at your own risk!!!). They come in a plain white paper sleeve with NO case or artwork. Once again you will be getting just the DVD disk nothing else. There are plenty of websites out there where you can download the artwork and print it out yourself if you want to make your own cases but I DO NOT do this. These DVD's are meant for people who just want to watch these hard to find movies at a cheap reasonable price and who want the actual physical media that can't be removed or lost online.

I am a firm believer in physical media especially in this digital age where at anytime the movies you bought and paid for can be removed and lost at the whim of whatever streaming service you are using. Most (but not all) the DVD's I sell have never been released on DVD or have had a limited release or are out of print and VERY hard to come by. They are the BEST quality of these videos I can find. Most are 720p or better though some of the older made for TV movies may be VHS quality or worst. Most movies I sell DO NOT have any subtitles or foreign languages or extras included with them. They are just the movies nothing else unless otherwise noted.

I strive to give GREAT customer service and am always happy to handle any problems you may have with your order. Sometimes a DVD just doesn't copy correctly or may get damaged in the mail. I am ALWAYS happy to replace any bad disk free of charge. Communication is key though so PLEASE message me before leaving any reviews so I have a chance to fix the problem. I want happy customers.

And finally I have a ton of movies not listed on here. And I am always happy to take request for movies that you want and can't find. I am very good at getting copies of these movies for people. Feel free to message me any requests for movies you might want and I will do my best to track them down. My email is Please email me with any movie request or if there is any problems with an order.

Lost In The Act (2023)

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